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Dehind Bontemps lie two friends Delphine Ridard and Stephanie Seignette,

treasure hunters and passionate about Tableware.

" Since we met and after having worked respectively for several years in the design and layout of space, we have done everything possible to create our project combining our passions, convictions and skills."



W e are committed to hunting for Old and French Tableware and pretty objects loaded with great stories, including yours soon!


W e facilitate your commitment to an Eco-responsible approach by renting you only second-hand objects, with a beautiful heritage, which will have a minimum impact on the environment.


We share our know-how by offering you a selection corresponding to your tastes and the atmosphere you want to create.

Bohochic universe, shabby chic, country, folk rock ... Describe us your desires, we will make them come true.


As the organization of an event can be stressful, we offer, for the impatient, key packs or hands while an accompanying measure services.

The main objective is to make your reception the one you have always dreamed of ...


In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Without compromise between style and respect for the planet, we offer a wide choice of Old Tableware and Decoration, found over time combining aesthetics and ethics.

Actors of change, let's change our habits, by consuming differently, by renting rather than buying. We want to promote a new way of consuming, more conscious, more respectful of the environment, the planet and the living.


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In order to be more Responsible, let's use quality Tableware that lasts so as not to constantly renew it.

The old second-hand, French, European crockery has proven itself. Manufactured for certain pieces, by earthenware factories which have closed their doors today, this tableware is still there and is part of our treasures 2.0.

It is rented, it is sold, it is resold, once broken, it can be repaired, used for mosaic decorations or for jewelry, it never leaves the circuit, it never ceases to exist.


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The rental of equipment for your reception is a less expensive eco-responsible solution.

In addition to its aesthetics and its history, the Old Crockery avoids the extraction of new raw materials and the pollution of new productions.

Its durability allows it a large number of reuses which correspondingly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Renting so as not to throw away is an alternative to consume less plastic or paper from disposable dishes.

Disposable tableware represents several kilograms of waste per French person per year. This non-recovered waste will be incinerated, responsible for CO2 emissions, impacting the environment and the climate.

Reusable tableware avoids these emissions linked to waste treatment.


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