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Our plate compositions are mismatched in coordinated colors.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

They come in 5 collections.


  • Bucolic porcelain 1.20 € / piece

  • Golden Porcelain 1.20 € / piece

  • Cobalt Blue Ironstone 1.60 € / piece

  • Celadon Green Ironstone 1.60 € / piece

  • Cassius Purple Ironstone 1.60 € / piece

Our Old French crockery is available in all forms of plates, dishes, cups, saucers, soup tureens, fruit dishes ...

This is an overview of our stock

BUCOLIC Porcelain Collection 

GOLDEN Porcelain Collection  

COBALT BLUE Ironstone Collection

CÉLADON GREEN Ironstone Collection

CASSIUS PURPLE Ironstone Collection