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All the crockery and decoration material is old and second-hand.

All objects are rented as is, with their imperfections, this implies on the part of the principal being fully aware of the wear and tear and fragility of each part made available during the rental.

The customer's request is the subject of an estimate drawn up by the company BonTemps. The amount of the estimate includes the cost of renting and cleaning the dishes, plus options such as delivery. The acceptance of the estimate, the order, the assumption of responsibility and the rental of equipment, implies on the part of the client, the acceptance of the general conditions defined below.

The term "equipment" hereinafter refers to all the parts and accessories rented, the complete list of which appears on the estimate and the order. The ordering customer designates the tenant. The lessor designates the company BonTemps, represented by Stéphanie Seignette and Delphine Ridard.

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