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NOËLLINE - Tea cup

NOËLLINE - Tea cup

VAT Included

BonTemps invites you to create your own tea service among our models.

The tea cup and matching saucer, are essential tableware.

These pieces are THE ideal gift to give or to treat yourself.

Choose your model(s), the desired quantity.

Each piece is found and selected with care and attention.

  • Manufacture

    Modèle 1 : Tasse C.S.C.L | Sous-Tasse André Limoges

    Modèle 2 : Tasse Charles Ahrendfeldt | Sous-Tasse K.G. Lunéville

    Modèle 3 : Tasse Lucien Micheleaud Limoges |Sous-Tasse Arco 

    Modèle 4 : Tasse S.F.P | Sous-Tasse CNP Limoges

    Modèle 5 :  Tasse inconnue | Sous-Tasse Royal Albert Modèle Chelsea Bird

    Modèle 6 : Tasse Inconnue | Sous-Tasse Limoges

  • Qualité

    French or English porcelain (Royal Albert)

  • State

    Very good condition, considering the period. (See photographs).

    Our crockery is old, full of history. It may have some traces left by time which gives it its charm.

  • Package Weight

    0.5 kg / Set

  • Dimensions

    Diamètre tasse de xxx cm à xxx cm | Hauteur des tasses de xx cm à xx cm | Diamètre sous- tasse de xx cm à xx cm

  • Référence


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